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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Pakistan Army 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi

Pakistan Army 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi  

Pakistan Army 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi  

Posted on: 20th August 2023

Location: Pakistan

 Education: Primary, middle, matric, intermediate, bachelor, master,

                       relevant diploma, ms, bs

 Last Date: September 04, 2023


 Company: Pakistan Army

 Address: Pak Army 602 regional workshop eme, Karachi


In a recent announcement, the Pakistan Army has opened up exciting employment opportunities at the 602 Regional Workshop EME in Karachi. This significant development has been shared through an advertisement featured in the renowned Daily Jang Newspaper, signaling a chance for candidates nationwide to join the ranks of the esteemed Pakistan Army. This article delves into the details of these job openings, shedding light on the vacancies, eligibility criteria, application process, and other pertinent information.

A Gateway to Pakistan Army Careers:

The 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi Jobs 2023 advertisement comes as a promising endeavor for individuals aspiring to be part of the prestigious Pakistan Army. This call for applications extends to candidates from all corners of the country, regardless of gender. The positions advertised encompass a wide range of roles, ensuring a diverse array of skill sets and qualifications are catered to.

Job Vacancies and Eligibility Criteria:

The vacancies available under this announcement span various roles, encompassing both technical and administrative positions. 

1. USM (Unit Support Manual)

2. HSM (Highly Skilled Manual)

3. Skilled Electro Medical

4. Store Keeper

5. Lower Division Clerk LDC

6. Skilled Electrician Vehicle

7. HS - I (Highly Skilled - I)

8. Naib Qasid

9. Fireman

10. Dresser

11. Data Entry Operator

12. Chowkidar

13. Skilled Electronics Trade

The eligibility criteria for these roles are diverse, accommodating candidates with qualifications ranging from Primary and Middle schooling to Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees, as well as relevant diplomas and certifications. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals from various educational backgrounds can find a suitable opportunity within the Pakistan Army.

Importantly, the age limit for these vacancies falls between 18 and 30 years, providing opportunities for both young talent and those with a bit more experience. Additionally, candidates with higher qualifications and experience will be given preferential treatment in the selection process, underscoring the Pakistan Army's commitment to excellence and proficiency.

Reservations and Quotas:

In line with government regulations, specific quotas have been established to promote inclusivity and equal representation. Quotas are allocated for provinces such as Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan, ensuring that opportunities are distributed fairly across regions. Furthermore, quotas have been reserved for minorities, disabled individuals, and females, reflecting the Pakistan Army's dedication to diversity and inclusiveness.

Retired Soldiers: A Valued Resource:

Former soldiers of the Pakistan Army hold a special place in this recruitment drive. Preference will be granted to Army retired individuals, recognizing their valuable experience, dedication, and understanding of the Army's ethos. This provision encourages retired soldiers to continue serving their country through civilian roles within the Army.

Application Process:

The application process is straightforward and requires candidates to submit their applications on the provided application form. Accompanying the form should be attested copies of all relevant supporting documents. These documents serve as a testament to the candidate's qualifications and eligibility for the respective positions.

Addressed to the Commandant of the 602 Regional Workshop EME in Karachi, the applications must be sent within 15 days of the publication date of the advertisement. This stipulated time frame underscores the Pakistan Army's commitment to timely and efficient selection procedures.

For government servants looking to seize this opportunity, it is essential to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) along with the application. This prerequisite ensures that the application process adheres to the protocols established for existing government employees.


The announcement of job openings within the Pakistan Army's 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi presents an invaluable chance for candidates across Pakistan to contribute to the nation's security and development. Through an extensive array of vacancies catering to various qualifications and experiences, the Army emphasizes its commitment to inclusivity and excellence. Aspiring individuals are encouraged to explore these opportunities, marking a significant step in both personal and national growth. The 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi Jobs 2023 advertisement symbolizes the Army's continuous efforts to provide a platform for talent to thrive and serve the country, enriching the ranks with skilled individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and patriotism.     

Required documents to apply:

Pakistan Army 602 Regional Workshop EME Karachi  

Application Form.


Detailed CV.

Copy Of CNIC.

All Educational Certificates.

All Experience Certificates (Optional)

4X Passport Size Photos.

Validity Dates:

Posted on: 20th August 2023

Last Date:  04  September 2023

Read the Official Announcement:

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